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Custom Business Policy Writing and Research offers custom business policy writing and research services that provide organizations large or small with individualized policy documents designed to address your organization's unique needs and goals. Our services are tailored to the individual organization and the specific policy statements needed, and are designed to meet the highest quality demands while remaining affordable for organizations of any size. However, most services share a common methodology for producing the best results:

  • Assessment. We will begin by interviewing within the client organization to understand the needs and goals of stakeholders, including different levels of management. This may include interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, or research into best practices. It incorporates the company's mission and visions statements to guide policy investigation.
  • Analysis. We gather the information from our interviews and research, as well as your existing policies and documentation, to understand your policy choices and goals, as well as to identify areas where additional policies are needed.
  • Writing. Only now do we begin the policy writing process, which generally seeks to amalgamate organizational objectives, best practices, and generally accepted procedures and documentation along with specific and individualized policy and procedure statements into a single clear and comprehensive policy statement. understands the importance of policy documents, and we want to ensure that every organization, no matter the size, can afford high quality policy and procedure document writing. We therefore offer our services at competitive and affordable rates, ranging from $50 to $100 depending on the type of policy statement to be written and the size and scale of the organization and amount of research the client requests. Please contact us for more information and an individualized quote for your specific project.

We offer several levels of service to better serve our clients and provide them with only the amount of research and writing they really need. Among our most common options are the following; however, if you don't see the service you need listed here, just ask. We are happy to accommodate any policy writing services you need.

  • Policy Revision and Updating. We will take an existing policy and update it with revised information (if needed) and clearer writing for better usability. This service does not typically involve additional research or on-site interviews and is our most affordable option.
  • Policy Revision and Updating with Best-Practice Policy. As with our revision and updating service, we will revise and update your policy for improved readability and usability. In addition, we will research and write a best-practice policy based upon current industry standards and practices that can be applied to your organization and its policies and procedures.
  • Policy Writing. With this service, we will create an original policy (or completely rewrite, research, and revise an existing but inadequate policy), including best-practices and individualized situational information pertaining exclusively to your business. For an additional fee, we will conduct interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires with stakeholders in order to research your specific policy needs and work with this information to help you develop your policy to address the needs identified by the stakeholders.

We offer our services with a low hourly fee of just $50-100 per hour, depending on the length and complexity of your project. We offer quick turnaround times on most projects. For more information about our rates and how quickly we can get your project done, contact us by email or phone for an individualized assessment of what we can do for you.

Our Policy writing includes:

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We are experienced with writing grant proposals, freelance writing, business proposal writing, biography and memoir writing, and screenplay and manuscript writing.
We have ten years of experience researching and writing grant proposals, business proposals, business plan templates, business letters, and reports.
Our professional editing team can edit for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall clarity in all documents.
Our freelance writing and professional ghostwriting services include ghostwritten novels, screenplay writing, manuscript writing, memoir, biography and biography writing.
Our professional researchers and writers can provide you with reports such as SWOT analysis, quantitative marketing research, competitor intelligence, and financial analyses.
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Our services include            
Custom Business Policy Writing
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Website Content
Memoirs and Biographies
Manuscript Writing
Comprehensive Editing
Financial Analysis
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