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Grant Writing

Need Help Writing Grant Proposals?

Look no further!

At TechnovateResearch.com, our team of experienced and professional PhD and Masters degree writers are fully qualified to research and prepare proposals for arts, research, corporate, as well as local, provincial/state and federal government grants.

If you already have a grant selected, some key data and outlines, but aren’t sure how to format your proposal, we can help! Our writers are experienced with preparing polished and successful grant proposals sure to show all of your qualities and achievements in the best light.

If you have a grant proposal outline but are lacking sources, we can also research and compile potential grant sources for you. There are hundreds of grants available and we have the research tools to find the ones that suit your business, skills, or needs.

We can also write business proposals!

Whether you need assistant writing grant proposals for next year or next week, we can help! Call us to tap into the funding available to you! We are available toll-free at 1-866-736-5478 or, in Toronto, at 416-222-2896.

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We are experienced with writing grant proposals, freelance writing, business proposal writing, biography and memoir writing, and screenplay and manuscript writing.
We have ten years of experience researching and writing grant proposals, business proposals, business plan templates, business letters, and reports.
Our professional editing team can edit for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall clarity in all documents.
Our freelance writing and professional ghostwriting services include ghostwritten novels, screenplay writing, manuscript writing, memoir, biography and biography writing.
Our professional researchers and writers can provide you with reports such as SWOT analysis, quantitative marketing research, competitor intelligence, and financial analyses.
Give us a call today to ask about our biography writing, ghostwriting, manuscript and screenplay writing, and business letter writing services.
Our services include            
Custom Business Policy Writing
Sample Consumer/Industry Reports
Business Plans and Reports
Grant Writing
Marketing Plans
Website Content
Memoirs and Biographies
Manuscript Writing
Comprehensive Editing
Financial Analysis
Call or E-mail us to see what we can do for you today!

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