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DuPont System of Financial Analysis:

The DuPont system analyses the financial statements and situation of a company in order to best assess its financial condition. The DuPont system is designed to take into account many business factors including administrative expenses, the cost of goods, and accounts receivable. Its primary focus is on calculating the Return on Equity (from Net Profit Margin, Asset Turnover, and Equity Multiplier) for your company. This information is designed to allow you to maximize growth and profit for a more successful business.

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Regression and Statistical Analysis
All business enterprises and even many academic research projects need and require some form of Regression and Statistical Analysis in order to determine strategy, measure the effectiveness of projects, or to confirm or deny hypotheses and research assumptions. In business, regression analysis is often employed to predict whether a strategy will result in the targeted objectives according to the key business indicators. In a research project application, the key business indicators would be replaced by dependent variables and their relationship with the research hypothesis or independent variables being examined. From a business perspective, the hypothesis would be project itself and the related business drivers being used to determine whether the strategy is appropriate or not. Regression analysis is itself a form of statistical analysis and any structured method used to examine data might be referred to as statistical analysis. In this regard, regression analysis could be described as statistical forecasting where the dependent variable and the independent variables are examined in relation to each other. Business enterprises and academic researchers depend on Regression and Statistical Analysis to make sense of raw data.

We, at TechnovateResearch.com has a well developed network of statisticians able to apply the principles of regression and statistical analysis to any business problem. Call us today to find out more.

Import/Export Market Analysis

The global economy has opened up vastly diverse markets to even local competitors in all markets over the past several decades. While the global economy has elevated competitive dimensions for almost all businesses in all industries, it has also increased the market expansion opportunity for these same enterprises. Import/Export Market Analysis involves identifying potential new markets in foreign countries and gauging the profitability of them with respect to entering those markets. Factors such as export funding assistance from the exporter’s national government, import tariffs or barriers in the targeted market, existing local competitors, and simple market demand must all be examined with respect to exporting into foreign markets. Conversely, when importing new products or services into a market many of these same factors must be examined but with a few different topical dimensions. When importing products and services research must be undertaken to identify sourcing partners who either already produce the products or services or who can manufacture or produce the products or services. Dimensions such as product/service quality must be examined as well as product shipment windows all along the supply chain.

Furthermore, when examining the import/export market, financial factors vis-à-vis payment must be examined in detail with terms of payment, letters of credit (LOC), cost of shipping factors such as free-on-board status and similar issues must be identified upfront. Failure to adequately assess all of these factors within proper a Import/Export Market Analysis project can lead to a loss of financial investment and even catastrophic business failure.

TechnovateResearch.com has undertaken countless Import/Export Market Analysis for many industry competitors and is available to assist enterprises in exploring this important and profitable growth opportunity. Call us today for more information. One of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

SPACE Matrix

The SPACE Matrix is an analytical business research device that focuses on strategy formulation. SPACE stands for Strategic Position & Action Evaluation. The SPACE Matrix characterizes a strategy as being aggressive, conservative, defensive or competitive in nature. Additionally, the SPACE Matrix analysis functions upon two internal strategic dimensions: financial strength and competitive advantage. The SPACE factors under financial strength which analyze a business’ internal strategic posture are: return on investment, leverage, liquidity, working capital and cash flows. In contrast, the SPACE factors which determine a business’ external strategic posture are: technology, inflation rates, demand, industry price fluctuations, barriers to entry, competitive pressures, price elasticity, and risk.

The SPACE Matrix methodology also examines strategic factors within two external dimensions: environmental stability and industry strength. The factors considered under competitive advantage are market share, quality, life cycle, customer loyalty, and supplier influence while the factors under industry strength are growth potential, profit potential, financial stability and resource utilization, among others. The SPACE Matrix methodology factors each of these dimensions and places them on a Cartesian graph with X and Y coordinates:

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